Thanks Orkut - A Love Story

Posted by Sahil, 19 Feb 2014

I was in 10th when I first saw him. Our schools were not started till that day; we both were in same coaching classes. I didn't have my eyes on him until he answered a question better than me. He was better and quicker than me in mathematics which pulled me towards him. I can understand it is difficult to digest, but that was when my crush began. Days were just passing after this; I used to stare at him in class.

It was last day of class and I had a simple intention to say a ‘hi’ to him. But I failed to say anything.

Next day was the first day for school, and I was thinking about him with a smile on my face. I was really not aware what I was feeling for him. I had no idea, that if he knew me or someone who used to observe him in tuition class. He was in not my school. His school was 50km away from mine.

Days were flying quickly as they were full with tension of 10th exam. But my feelings for him were growing day by day, as I was expecting to see him during exams; generally the board exams conducted at a common place.

I had posted a good luck greeting to his school address; without mentioning my name.

The day came, exam day. I saw him again. I was too happy to see him. I was waiting for him to look for the stranger girl who sent him the greeting. I wanted to talk to him, but he was busy with his friends. And suddenly he got disappeared. I didn’t see him later.

After a long gap of 5 years, I found him on Orkut. I had just opened my Orkut account that day after forceful suggestions from my friends; but today I am thanking all of them. The first time I logged in to Orkut, I sent him request to add me. He accepted it very next day!!!

It was stupid but at start of chat only I confessed him that I had sent him that greeting. It was a feeling for me like indirectly I had proposed him. But he took it in a normal way. And we became good friends after so many chat over Orkut. Soon we shared our email addresses too.

He had joined an animation course and I was pursuing my computer engineering. Four years are already past to the day he accepted my request. Messages over phone were the main source those days; I still remember the unlimited SMS packs.

We had lots of ups and down in these 4 years. But every fight helped us to come closer. Today we know each other too well…

The day came when I joined my first company. Fortunately now we are in the same city. Till date we had not met each other personally. It was strange experience after talking to a person for about 4-5 years and then meeting for first time. It went well.

We often met after that day!!! Things started taking another turn and my Infatuation had taken the form of Love, without taking permission of mine! It took around more 6 months for him to realize that he is also in love with me too!!!

The special day arrived when he proposed me. There is no turning back since then.

His parents and my mother know about our relationship. And we are going to make this happen.

The story was sent to me by an unknown lady. Hope you’ll like it.