31st December

Posted by Sahil, 24 Jan 2014

It was a New Year party. Rahul and his college friends had arranged a party at a Disco Pub. Party was in full mood with the music and dance.

Rahul came to the party with some different thing mind. He was in love with a girl. And he had decided to propose her on the eve of New Year.

Rahul was a good boy. But proposing a girl is always a tough task. With lots of prayer going on in mind, he collected some courage and went to her and proposed her finally.

Rahul was feeling lighter after saying what he wanted to say. But from the next moment he got a new fear. What will she reply? Will she accept my love?

He was waiting for her reply. And finally she uttered something.

Girl: “I will say yes, but what can you do for me?

Without wasting a flash Rahul replied, anything!

Girl: “Ok then fine. You have to complete one condition of mine. For the next 365 nights, you have to stand whole night in front of my home. If you can do this, I’ll say yes.

Rahul agreed this nonsense condition.

Rahul started to fulfil the condition from 1st January. He went to girls place and found a corner in front of the home and stood. The girl saw him standing through window and went to sleep.

All his friends came their and were trying to persuade his mind. But he was not listening to any one either.

Those were the cold days of January. Killing breezes during night were feeling like hell. He passed his first month of his condition. Every night he used to come at 10 and till 6am in morning.

Other end there was no reaction from the girl for whom he was doing this nonsense.

He didn’t care about anything for this one year. He had gone through the killing cold, heavy rain and many more other difficulties. And finally he completed 364 days from the condition.

Once again a new 31st Dec had come. Rahul’s friends had decided to celebrate it with Rahul’s victory. They reached the place before him only. But he didn’t come there. If Rahul would have come there, he could have accomplished condition from girl.

All friends went to ask him the reason behind this one more stupid act of his.

Rahul:”She never loved me guys. For the same reason I don’t want her to loose and say yes to me”.

Did she tell this to you, one of his friends asked him.

No, Rahul said, adding, “She never said this. But I came to know this on 1st Jan itself, the very first day. When I was standing in shivering cold, she was not even interested in knowing that I was OK or not. At least she could have asked me for a cup of coffee”.

"Then why you wasted your 364 nights?"

Rahul: “I just want to tell her that I loved her truly. And it is not compulsory for her to love me back.

I am not able to find any moral or good thing from this story. But one thing anyone can really learn that you should learn to accept rejections as well.