Wo Kitabo Wala Pyaar...

Posted by Sahil, 24 Jan 2014

Title is itself self-explanatory, but for non-Hindi friends, it means the love which you find in books nowadays. People are so busy that they don’t have time to love neither someone nor themselves.

It was first time I was visiting Aamchi Mumbai or Bombay. My dad had been admitted to Jaslok Hospital for some treatment. I was there for around six days. The same patient ward; my dad was admitted, gave me a real story.

I came across a couple. Both were in their early thirties.

The strange thing I observed was the language they were communicating. Husband was speaking Marathi and wife was replying in Hindi. It was a mere guess that the couple’s marriage was a love marriage. Later I found myself accurate about the guess.

The husband was having some sugar problem. He had been in hospital for a week because of a unexpected increase in sugar content in his blood.

Their behaviour was however like; they are lovers still studying college.

Their chats were like the chat of a lover who wants to talk to his/her lover but can’t talk and suddenly get some time to talk. And in that small span the lover wants to say so many things.

It was feeling like couple bunked a boring lecture in college and enjoying talk in canteen or garden.

Husband’s food was restricted and it was from hospital canteen. She used to bring her food from home. Both will be having lunch, dinner together. It was very pleasant environment as they were in their home.

Another great time-pass thing they had was cards. They were playing lots of card games.

One thing I came to know when one of their relative or friend had come to meet him. She can’t be a mother. Then suddenly I realized; yes they don’t have any kid.

But everything seemed normal from their faces. Later she told to the friend about their plan of adopting a child.

The next day I left the hospital. It was great to see such people in your lifetime. We always see such stories/people in movies/books, but if you see someone in real life like this, it feels awesome and motivated.

I have chosen the title from a very popular youtube video - Mehrooni. It was creation of Faraz Ali and a very nice song from well known singer Rekha Bhardwaj.