Sacred Love

Posted by Sahil, 19 Jan 2014

Vijay was a 32 year old working fellow. He was living in society apartment with wife Anjali and 6 year old son Aryan.

Vijay was a guy always away from bad habits. He used to drink occasionally and Anjali was aware about it.

Past few days Anjali and Vijay were having some problems. And both were not talking to each other properly.

One day there was a party in Vijay’s office and it was compulsory for all to attend. After party Vijay and Satish left office for going home. Satish was working in same office with Vijay dropped him to his apartment.

Vijay was completely down because of overdose of alcohol. He entered the flat and fall on floor.

Anjali was angry with him as Aryan was watching all this. Though she was helping him to get up and taking him to their bedroom.
In between this, he again fell on dining table and broke the crockery on table and vomited.

Anjali pulled him up and cleaned everything....

Next day when Vijay got up, he expected Anjali to be really angry with him.

He prayed that they should not have a fight.

While moving to hall he found a note near the table.

"Honey, your favourite breakfast is ready on the table. I had to leave early to buy grocery. I love you dear!!!

He got surprised and asked Aryan about last night’s incidence.

Aryan told Vijay,
When mom pulled you to bed and tried removing your boots and shirt, you were dead drunk and you said to her, "Hey Lady! Leave me alone...I am married!!!”