LOVE - Always Comes With Some Healthy Effects

Posted by Sahil, 19 Jan 2014

Love - A very commonly used word made from 4 different alphabets. 90% of people relate it to a relationship between 2 different gender people with same age.

There are different forms Too. I love my mother, my siblings, my wife, my children, my friends. Many books will say you not to use the words like I, my & me. But the love gets expressed when you use ‘my’.

Don’t worry girls, I am still a bachelor!!!

I still remember those college days. There were so many couples in my college. We were a great gang of friends; brats, no agendas, no future worries, free birds yet the most loyal audience to our lecturers. I remember one of my friends.

One day he said to me, I like her.

That moment I remembered all the WH-type questions my English teacher had taught me in school and I fired them at him all at once and then the story begun.

He talked about a classmate of ours, beautiful, innocent, talented, sweet, who to me was nothing but studious.

My friend decided to propose to her and all of us knew that she would refuse, so did happen.

After the entire scene what I observed was an amazing positive behavioural amendment that had happened to my friend. He started behaving wiser.

Even after being rejected , he always tried to be in contact with her. Thanks to college events, assessments, projects and a bigger one to Mr. Mobile, that helped them gel up even more and become good friends.

Now he started behaving mature and got concerned about his career. He knew what someone needs in life. For someone to be a part of your life you need to give them a promising secure future, on which he had started working. She too helped him every way at every point while studying.

I remember one line, “Saiyoni, Raanjha na kaho menu koi”. It says a lover always wants to be like his beloved is. My friend tried his best to be the perfect match for her. I shall share the complete story later.

The point is LOVE makes you a better person. You will learn to listen, understand someone else’s feelings.

Try to love someone with your heart once in a lifetime you will feel something special. I am not asking you to go out and search girl/boy. Love any person who is very much eligible to be in your ‘my’ list.