Ice-cream Parlour

Posted by Sahil, 2 Feb 2014

I guess the below story is a story most of you already know.

A young girl; 8 years old went to an ice-cream parlour.

She was confused with the available number of flavours. After reading all the available names in menu, she approached a waiter.

Girl: How much for the chocolate ice-cream scoop?

Waiter: Rs.20/-

Now the girl was bit confused and once again she counted the money she had.

After counting money she again asked rate for vanilla flavour.

This time waiter was bit angry; may be because of the second question from the girl.

Waiter: It will cost you Rs.15/-

Girl took a vanilla scoop and made a payment of Rs.15. Waiter served her with a plate having vanilla ice-cream.

Girl left the place as she had finished the ice-cream. Waiter went to collect the empty plate and he found a note of Rs.5 with the empty plate which the girl has left for him as a tip.

The waiter was astonished with incidence and was feeling bad somewhere inside for his behaviour.

This small story can teach us a very good lesson. Try to give someone a real happiness with the things you have.

It may be a small thing which you can do, JUST DO IT.