Friendship - A New Hope

Posted by Sahil, 8 Feb 2014

It was the start of weekend for school students. After last class for the day at school all students left the classroom.

A student from 6th standard was peeking in his locker. He took all his books and stuff from locker and left it vacant. And he started to walk home.

Some boys from his class were standing on the road side on the way to his home. They had already seen him taking all books from the locker. They stopped him and started teasing. They were making fun of him as they were doing in school every day. They took his school bag and pushed him away.

One from the bullying boys said, “Do you want to prove that you are more studious than other boys in classroom, by taking all your books home?”

They threw all his books and bag on road and left laughing.

He was very much calm as he was used to those things. But his eyes wanted to cry. He started recollecting the books from road to bag. A very next moment; one more boy from his class came to the place and went to him. The boy helped him in collecting the books and keeping them in bag again.

The boy was also amazed to see this fellow is taking all his books home for a weekend of two days. The boy wanted to ask this to him, but left the idea as he was already tensed. The boy knew this fellow as they were in school and that too in same class. But before this day, he had never paid any attention to him or talked with him. But today he was quite curious about him.

Finally the boy who came later asked the young boy, “Today evening we have planned to play football in park. Would you like to join us?”

The boy invited him was one of the popular student in school. The boy was speechless and so much excited by the offer and he accepted it.

They become good and then best friends after that day. The reason of the books he was taking home became irrelevant afterwards. Later they both were together in college too. They were always there, supporting each other.

They started a company after their studies and turned it in to a great success. Only in a span of one year they were holding a very good position in market. The boy who was used to be bullied at school; today got nominated for businessman of the year.

The boy went to collect the trophy with tears in his eyes. All were surprised to see him crying on such a great occasion. The other boy who was his partner and a best pal was also amazed.

The boy started his speech, “Yes I am crying today remembering the last time I cried. It was the day when I had decided to commit suicide and I was in a 6th standard class.”

This start of speech brought complete silence in auditorium.

He continued, “Yes, I had decided to commit suicide. I was not finding myself even a little confident to fight against the bullying that used to happen with me in the school. I had emptied my school locker so that my mother would not have to come to my school. On my way home, same school bullies crossed my way and pushed me to ground. They threw my books. A boy helped me that day, who had never spoken to me before. From that day my life had a new meaning. Today I want to thank that boy. He is my best friend and my partner too, who is still worrying down there in the very first row that why I cried.”

“Thank you for coming in my life when I needed you the most. You did not know the reason still you reached out to me and gave me the hope I was missing! Thank You!!!”