Can Age Limit Love?

Posted by Sahil, 6 Feb 2014

It was a cool morning of winter. Clock was striking 8. The warm sunlight was making the atmosphere so pleasant.

Dr. Sanket had just opened his clinic.

Doctor was having his cup of coffee with newspaper. Same time an old man about 80-85 came to the clinic.

Old man came to remove stitches from his wound. He had an accident about one week before, which gave him those stitches.

There was no one else in the clinic and so the Dr was almost free. He checked the wound and started collecting the necessary equipments and medicines.

Old man: “Can you finish it quickly? I have to reach somewhere at 9.”

Dr : “Do you have any appointment in any other hospital?”  Dr used these words in a casual way to make the conversation friendly.

Old man : ”No no. It is nothing like that. I want to join my wife for breakfast at 9. She is in another hospital.”

Dr was surprised and asked, “Hospital? What happened to her?”

Old man : ”Yes. She is in hospital for last 5 years.”

Dr : ”I guess if you make her wait, she will be worried?”

Old man : ”No, she won’t. She is suffering from Alzheimer disease.”

Dr was shocked to hear this.

“She is not recognizing anyone for last 5 years.”, Old man said this unhurriedly with a low voice.

Dr : ”Despite the fact that she don’t remember you; you visit her every day on time and that to so enthusiastically while you are old too!!!”

Old man was having the same calm face like he was used to those questions.

“She is my wife and life too. She is not able to recognize me, but I know her from the very first day I saw her in our college. We both love each other beyond doubt.”

Dr was speechless after all this. He had lost himself in those thoughts.

This is real love. Love never asks something, it is the name of giving without expectations. It is giving all your happiness to find a smile on your beloved's face.

The question remains same, hope you can answer it now.