Something for The Indian Skipper – MSD

Posted by Sahil, 14 Feb 2015

I really don’t know why I am writing this blog, but one thing is sure; this is for MS Dhoni.

I belong to a country where the skipper of their own national cricket team has more number of haters than supporters. So if you are one of the haters for MSD, you can stop reading further.

I have seen people from the era; ‘if Sachin is out, TV will be switched off’ . But the legendary Sachin is not an active sport person now. This time those people are watching the game for MSD only.

Dhoni has already achieved many milestones in his small career. He is a successful cricketer in all forms of cricket as a team player, as Wicketkeeper and as a Skipper. MSD always maintains his cool and keeps the name given to him, Captain Cool.

Tomorrow is a big challenge for MSD and team. Pakistan playing against India is always a tough match for players and mostly for both the side of fans.

I guess the number of people who thinks the game between India and Pakistan is bigger than the game of cricket, are actually more in number.

I remember one theory told to me by a senior of mine. It is called as ‘Theory of Concentric Circles’ (not published in any book). It states, you will start your career from the centre point of the circles and people expect less from you. People expect you to perform the circle you belong.

You won T20 World Cup. You won World Cup for 2011; you gave Sachin a memorable gift. And with all these, now you are in the outermost circle. If you perform a thing which is in any of inner circle; people are ready to criticize you.

A captain is always the one who leads the team by every ways. We want Dhoni as a batsman as well as a talented skipper; the way you did in the final of World Cup 2011.

We want you to perform the way you do always. I don’t know what will be the result of tomorrow’s match or who will be the winner for this World Cup; I will support you. There are so many others like me who are also supporting you.

We all believe in you. Do your best; as you always do.