Valentine’s Day

Posted by Sahil, 13 Feb 2014

I believe you all are ready to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with someone special.

It is not declared anywhere but the month of February is unofficially the month of LOVE. Nowadays all e-sellers have made it so. But the fact is people are so busy, that they are not able to invest even a single day for their loved ones.

On the other hand, there are still many couples who prove this wrong. They are not satisfied with this one day celebration. They want it to be the life time celebration and they are celebrating also.

There is one thing about love; you cannot have a fixed definition about it. Love has various forms and each individual goes through them in some way.

We see many people complaining about the celebrations of Valentine’s Day. Why you are celebrating it only on one day? Don’t you love that person for the rest of the days in the year?

I guess these questions are from the ones who are single! I also agree to them at some point, but there are so many perspectives to this as well; which we must consider before asking such questions and hurting someone’s feelings.

We are so much busy nowadays that we hardly have time in showing our love to our beloved.

Let me tell you a simple, short & sweet story.

Ashok and Pooja were in same college. Both economically middle class fellows fell in love with each other. Pooja was not too much interested in studies and decided to be a house wife for Ashok. Ashok joined a finance company after college.

Now after 10 years; they have a cute boy of 6 years old Rahul. It is a small and happy family of four; Ashok, Pooja, Rahul and Ashok’s mother.

Ashok and Pooja are in love with each other same as the day Ashok proposed Pooja. But the burden of responsibilities over both of them is not allowing them to express it.

Today Ashok had a holiday. So he wanted to make this day somehow romantic for Pooja. He went inside kitchen where she was busy with her work and asked her to go out for a movie.

She was busy in preparing lunch and said No to him. She said, “We cannot go out in afternoon today; water will be coming today. (As in some cities water supply in available on alternate days)”

Ashok,”Ok, we will go out at 4 pm, to beach side and have bhelpuri!!! What say? It is been so long we have not visited it.

Pooja: “No, by that time Rahul will come back from school!!

Ashok: “Ok, then it is final we are going out to a restaurant for dinner tonight.

Pooja: “Sorry, Today mom has called one of her friend to home for dinner.”

Now Ashok was angry with Pooja and without saying anything further went out from kitchen and then left home. He went out and smoked 2-3 continuous cigarettes.

Full day, Ashok was not ready to talk with Pooja. And Pooja knew the reason behind this.

It was 11pm still Ashok and Pooja were silent. And finally Pooja broke the silence between them and asked him, “You are angry because of me?

Ashok, “Yes! A little

He continued, “You wasted my complete holiday. I wanted to spend it with you only and no one else.

Pooja was again silent. Just after a pause of few seconds, Ashok realized that why he wanted to spend this day with Pooja and told her the same, “Don’t you want to go out someday. You have forgotten your own life for me. It is not right; you also had your wishes and feeling. For last 10 years I am seeing you, you have given all yours to our family, and never asked anything.”

Pooja, “Thanks for all this love dear! You remember all these things and asked me; this is all enough to forget all my pains. And there is no such my life, when I married to you; my world is merged to yours dear. I love you!!!

Such moments can’t wait till Valentine’s Day. You have to express these feelings when you both are together and wanted to express them. Don’t stop yourself.

There are so many love stories which are not yet started my friends. And I also believe people choose this special day to propose someone. Some of you may find it insane, but it is definitely better to express your feelings than keeping those letters with you which never got posted.

I remember one incidence in my college. A boy wanted to start friendship with a girl. But he was afraid. His friends obviously like you and me, advised him to go and give her chocolates on Chocolate day.

On Chocolate day, girls were also celebrating Saree day. She came in a very beautiful green Saree. He was so much afraid still went to her with chocolates.

She was in a group of 4-5 girls. He reached that group and wished her Happy Chocolates day! She was also amazed with such unexpected wishes still she took chocolates from him, by the time she reply him back; he started running happily as she had accepted his chocolates!!!

The fun part comes now, the girl was shouting at him when he was running, “Hey boy, tell me your name at least.

We all were laughing at that incidence but later after someday we found them together in college campus.

Make that someone special feel special!!!!

I am waiting for your comments. How you celebrate it? Or post your experiences on 15th...