This Year

Posted by Sahil, 18 Feb 2015

I don’t know what I should call this; a blog, a story or a letter. I am trying to convert a watsapp message to something which non-Marathi people will understand.

Below is a conversation between a farmer and his son.

“Dear boy, do you know how to write a letter? I guess, in school they teach you this!!”

“Yes father, but not in school; sister had taught me this.”

“Can you write a letter for me??”

“Yes, but for whom?”

“Our Prime Minister!!”

“I will!”

Then, the 12 year small kid starts writing a letter to Indian PM.


Prime Minister Sir,

Government of India

Subject: I cannot explain the subject in this small space. I am requesting you to read it fully...

Respected PM Sir,

      I am writing this letter to convey my thanks to you. The number of farmers committed suicide is reduced this year. Actually the truth is; there are not much farmers left to commit suicide. We are only some coward people left, who can’t dare to kill ourselves.

Saying about myself, I am good like every year.

Like every year, my son had not got any new book, dress or toy; but additional to last year; I was not able to provide him one time food as well, this year.

It is not your fault, if the sky is not pouring enough rain for us; still we tried our best and used our sweat and tears instead of water; this year.

There is nothing left except my wife and kids for mortgage. I cannot go to my village’s landlord again; this year.

I gave my dress to my daughter. She is happy now. At least she can cover her body; this year.

My wife is silent like every year. She is not saying anything to me. She just cries out when there is no one in my hut.

There is a gain in bank-balance of so many ministers though a draught is here for many of us. Can you borrow some share out of that for the poor farmers like me?

I guess you had seen so many farmers outside India which are highly equipped with new technologies and thought we are same. It is not the situation; this year.



“Do you want to add anything else father?”

He read the letter again for me. I was crying listening to this. I was angry with myself.

My daughter and wife were seating next to me. They were trying to hide their tears. Seeing them, I was scared at first place; but I decided something and told my son.

“Add one more line!”


“I not coward, I am poor!! I still have a spirit left in me; I will fight with this till my last breath!!!”

After listening to this, there was a satisfaction in my wife’s face; she always thinks of me committing suicide. But again remembering what all has had happened she started crying; this year.

Disclaimer : This blog is just a watsapp msg... I am trying to convert this to a blog; which explains the situation of most of the farmers in India.