Take Care

Posted by Sahil, 20 Feb 2014

A girl in my account recently shared a story on Facebook. I was already aware about the story as it was on many Facebook pages.

A boy asks his dad about his one hour salary. Reason behind asking such weird question was difficult to explain. He wanted to buy his father’s one hour so he could spent that time with him. And then the dad realizes his mistake.

The story was touching and makes everyone feel somewhere inside. We are very busy in earning money that we are fend up forgetting the main thing; why and for whom are we earning??

Below are my favourite lines from Lage Raho Munnabhai…

शहर कि इस दौड मॆ दौड कॆ करना क्या है...
अगर यही जिना है दॊस्तॊ, तॊ फिर मरना क्या है...?

पहले बारीशमें ट्रैन् लॆट हॊनॆ कि फिक्र है...
भुल गयॆ भिगतॆ हुऎ टहलना क्या है...?

सिरिअल्स कॆ किरदारॊ का सारा हाल है मालुम...
पर मां का हाल पुछनॆ कि फुरसत कहा है...?

अब रॆत पॆ नंगे पैर टहलतॆ क्यॊ नही...?
108 है चैनल पर दिल बहलतॆ क्यॊ नही...?

इन्टरनॆट पॆ सारी दुनिया सॆ तॊ टच में है...
लॆकीन पडॊस मै कौन रहता है जानतॆ तक नही...

मॊबाईल,लैन्डलाईन सब की भरमार् है...
लॆकीन जिगरी दॊस्त तक पहुचॆ ऐसॆ तार कहा है...?

कब डूबतॆ हुऎ सुरज कॊ दॆखा था याद है.??
कब जाना था वॊ शाम का गुजरना क्या है...?

तॊ दॊस्तॊ शहर कि ईस दौड मै दौड कॆ करना क्या है...
अगर यही जीना है तॊ मरना क्या है...???

We have really forgotten how to live and what life means.

Then I asked the same question to myself, why am I earning? Why have I blocked my calendar for the coming number of years??????

The first and the only answer that striked to me was, "I am doing this for my family". Money is important, I accept it, but it is equally important to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life too.

Do I really love my family?

Yes, for them only I am working like hell.

Here the problem is different. It is like प्यार करते हो पर जताना नहीं आता; you love, but you fail to express it.

It is always necessary to take care. It has the power of curing within it… and it’s the medicine which eliminates pain. You have to be there to show you care.

You should be there to say, you failed, it is fine... I am with you, try again…

There is a special feeling in those hugs given when someone is crying and seeking for help.

I am not that experienced who can give advice to someone else. It was just a try from my side.

Comment your thoughts for the same.