Just a quick start!!!

Posted by Sahil, 12 Jan 2014

'Reading a magazine' is not something I am fond of. I generally check pictures of new models and heroines in advertisements and finish my reading, but one day while doing the same thing I found a picture, showing a food item; a dessert I suppose, kept in a locker. This impelled me till the depths of curiosity and hence I dived in. Food, my second love!

The article was about Garnishing. In simple words, decorating and presenting the food you prepared in a beautiful manner. It was written by a well-known chef and owner of a popular restaurant in Bangalore, and it said, 'Garnishing is all about personal choice'.

By which he meant, it doesn't bind you to a fixed shape or size. What is beautiful to one may not be as appealing to the other. The only mantra is trying to giving in something new each time, without being influenced by the consequences yet to arrive.

This I find quite true for writing too.

On reading a book, I feel like writing one myself, but then the newly born writer in me is knocked down by the thought of going to the office next day and it is so, until the next time I read something as provoking.

Many of us, I'm sure have gone through this, but trust me on this guys, writing so no rocket science.

All you've got to do is pour in all your thoughts without bothering about criticism because writing is nothing but a normal Process!!!!

मत दबाओ, उबलते हुए जज्बातोँ को...   लिख डालो, जो धड़कनेँ तुम्हारी कहती है...

हर किसी को नहीँ मिलती, ये अमरता की पूंजी...  लेखनी टूट भी जाए, लिखावट जिँदा रहती है....