Memories from Rakhi

Posted by Sahil, 10 August 2014

All Indians are celebrating Rakhsabandhan today. This day is always special for a brother or a sister.

The simple knot of Rakhi represents a bond which symbolizes the sister’s love and prayers for her brother’s well-being, and the brother’s lifelong vow to protect her.

Let’s try to collect some sweet memories from childhood.

The time when you were just 7 years old, your mom/dad used to give you an envelope with some SHAGUN in it for your dear sister. In that age, you were not much concern about the Rakhi, but it was all about new dress, sweets prepared and just something new other than any normal day.

You understand the importance of the relation by the time you become 13. Brother starts saving his pocket money, so he can gift the Cadbury Celebration to his sister. Same way, sister brings the best Rakhi for her brother.

The Rakhi gifts changed from an Rs.11 envelop to a latest mobile/tab in the market, but feelings are still same.

Small-Small Things

 It is for sure that sisters will choose the best Rakhi for their brothers.

 It is sister’s day, so brothers be prepared, to do what she asks you to do.

 A brother will be worried from a week before what to gift his sister.

 She was your first best friend.

 He plays so many roles in her life as a friend, guardian, bodyguard, guide, philosopher, etc.

 A sister will know the entire list of girlfriends his brother having.

 Your strengths, your weaknesses, your talents - she knows them even better than you.

 He will be forever by your side. It may be a college decision or love marriage.

 If you are an elder brother, sisters have a techie support. He will decide which phone/laptop to buy. And he will spend hours to explain on phone how to use some gadget.

 He can say meanest thing to each other, but dare anybody else even raise a voice against her. Brothers are extremely possessive and protective about her.

 We bet you still have photographs from the day she dressed you in her frilly frocks and covered your face in a girl's make-up. Yeah, you were not the only one. That happened with every younger brother.

 You tried to dig out each other’s secrets just so you could blackmail each other for favours.

 The television was the reason why you were sworn enemies all your childhood. Snatching the remote from each other fighting whether 'WWE' would play or 'Small Wonder', you both ended up getting beaten up by your parents.

 If you ever shared your room with your sister, the memories of fighting over which colours the wall should be painted must be fresh in your mind. That's where all the 'blue vs. pink' war started from.

 You also remember what it felt like when you saw her for the first time and held her in your arms. And if you're the younger one, we bet she still remembers how you perhaps wet her dress when she held you for the first time!

 And sometimes your pranks went out of hand. She ended up in tears and you felt like the worst person ever to have made your sister cry.

 She also revealed your most embarrassing secrets every time your friends came over.

 Every time your dad got you two chocolates, you'd devour yours in a minute while she saved hers for the last; teasing you with every bite she took.

 The elder one always made up stories of how the younger was actually adopted or brought home from the nearest temple. No matter how old you get, this incident will always make you crack up.

 She never judged; she just stood by you always.

 Even at present, she is your confidante. She is the person you go to when you want to share your deepest secrets because you know she will give you the best advice.

 Whether it is marrying your girlfriend or telling your parents you don't want to be an engineer or a doctor, your sister is the person who is ultimately going to crack the deal for you.

 You may have spent all your life fighting with her but you cried like a baby the day she got married.