Proposing Someone Today?

Posted by Sahil, 8 Feb 2014

Yesterday morning, I got a Watsapp message from friend asking about the number of red roses I received since morning. Then I realized that the Valentine week is already started. Love is in air again.

As today is Propose Day, many of you would be having plans to express feelings to your beloved. Proposing a girl is a very tough thing to do and a very important day in someone’s life. It may happen that a girl wants to propose a boy but the percentage for this is very less, I believe.

Do you know one thing there are so many relationships started with first day proposal?

I know if you are a newbie you will surely take some help on this from a close friend who is a master in flirting or who had achieved success in love. Always keep in mind that every girl is a different girl. She may be expecting something else from you or the dream guy of her.

I am not a love guru or expert to give you some guidance about how to propose someone but I really know what mistakes people do usually.

Ask a simple question to yourself before reading further, do you really love her? If answer is yes, go ahead.

So let me put some points those may be helpful to you:

 Believe your own style. Just follow your natural impulse.

 Don’t share your crush to all of your friends.

 Try that she comes to know about your love from you only. Don’t fail in this.

 If you have a chance to talk with her before proposal through any source, talk. You can make her comfortable and happy.

 Tell your love to her in a short period of time, though it depends upon your situation.

 Convey your love and feelings straight forward with confidence like a perfect man. Please try to avoid SMS, mail etc.

 Be ready for rejection.

A very common situation we see in movies is a boy and girl are very good friends not knowing that they love each other. They realize their love when one of them starts dating someone else. Finally movie ends with love between them and then happy family. It generally doesn’t works in real life. If you let her go, without saying what you feel, you are definitely setting yourself up for failure. If you feel love about a girl who is already a friend of yours, you have to say.

If you don’t know about the girl, you have to approach her in some way. Always remember that first impression is the most important. You can start with a warm smile in morning wishing a good morning at face. This will lead to a chat in days for sure.

Keep remember that if you are having a chat, girls tend to look at your face, so don't immediately assume that she likes you. While talking, make sure to look at her face and specifically her eyes. Pay more attention to what she is saying, so when she asks you something or stops talking, you can continue the conversation intelligently.

Don't get caught staring at her body. If she doesn't look at you or she ignores you, step back, and leave her alone for a while. Some girls don't like looking in the eyes and talking. Read her body language instead. And always remember to dress in well and clean.

Make her feel comfortable around you, doing by good humour. Be very simple.

Let her see that you notice the little things about her that makes her pretty. If she’s wearing something nice, compliment her about it. If she looks great, tell her she looks really pretty.

If you feel she comfort with your association, try to spend more times with her, if no one’s around, even better. In this way she will get more comfortable with you. Not only that, then she feels missing your company, when you are not around her. That’s a good sign. Try to do things together. Let her know that being around her, is feels good you too.

If you passed above steps and still that girl is being with you means, the girl you like would most probably really like you too. But just to make sure she likes you call her late at night or text. You could start this by texting late in the evenings, and work your way to texts in bed within a few days.

So now give it a “go”. Ask her for a movie or something else you both would be interested in. You could also invite her out to restaurant for a lunch. You can ask for this after an emotional conversation at a late night or when both of you are sitting next to each other on a bench. Of course may be on a phone. If she says "no", smile and respond gracefully by saying, "No problem! May be some other time." and change the conversation to something else.

Don’t try to confess your feelings for a girl until she begins to like you too. Shocking a girl with an unexpected confession of love is a worst thing you can do, because it’ll almost always end with her rejecting you. After all, confessing your love to a girl is the easy part. But if you want to avoid any kind of rejection and want to ensure that she’d say yes to you, do your way into your heart so she can actually like you and fall for you. When the moment is right, pour your heart out to her and confess your love for her.

But you need to remember that the worst thing a girl could say is “NO”. Of course, it’ll hurt. Think of it this way, by not telling a girl how you feel, you’re only making yourself feel miserable. And what would you do if another guy starts making a move on this girl you love?

Go and propose her.

These are just suggestions, I always say that give preference to my first point.

This article would have been incomplete without my past mistakes, my stupid friends for doing new mistakes in proposing and my internet connection provider.