Perfect Life: What does this mean to you?

Posted by Sahil, 18 Jan 2014

Before reading the article, close your eyes for one minute and check if you have any answer to this question.
If you have any answer, compare with this article. If you don’t have any answer, read and again ask the same question.

My day is divided with sleep, breakfast, lunch, dinner. Oh sorry, forgot to mention work in office! Hope at least 80% of you have the same routine.
We communicate to so many persons a day. Every day we meet someone new as well.

I have something with me, and I am happy with it; then suddenly I see someone with something which I don’t have and I become sad. It is very obvious and natural for us to like his personality or his lifestyle or his behaviour or the group of people admiring him. And then we try to find out the differences. Difference may be about looks, knowledge, money and many more things.
Don’t you think this behaviour is approximating a child who wants all the toys?

The very first thing is satisfaction. Are you really satisfied with what you have? This only can define the level of perfection. There’ll be always some people on the top of you. Stop comparing yourself with someone. Instead of copying them notice them and learn something good and new.

Many of you have a thought of perfect life as having a bungalow outside of city, a beautiful wife and a six digit salary. To achieve this you have to cross a path everyday, which have so many people like your friends, co-workers and many unknown persons.
It really matters how you are behaving with someone.

Happiness also plays a crucial part in someone’s perfect life.

Always remember perfection is not a thing which will come to your life in a single day. It TAKES TIME, just KEEP TRYING and you’ll get for sure.

I am adding one more final line, “You haven't lived a perfect life until you owe someone something which they can never repay back!” Have you ever shared something with someone for what he was waiting for long years? There is a different joy in sharing and giving. The joy comes with happiness.

All above were so big things. I guess half of them went out of your head, I can understand. Quickly we’ll list out some things which we can change in our routine.

 Always remember, no one is perfect and say this to yourself too.

 Listen songs with a loud sound in morning.

 Try to learn one musical instrument.

 Try to make at least 5 people smile a day.

 Dance whenever wherever possible.

Finally let me tell you frankly, I am also not a person who has a perfect life. And I am trying. Alike to you, I also have some questions, if you have share with us.

If you want to add anything to the article just let us know. Feedback is always delightful.