Loving You is All I have in My Mind

Posted by Sahil, 14 Sept 2014

I am sharing a small letter written by a sweet girl to the lucky boy she loves.

I always dreamed of finding someone really special who would come into my life and love me, understand me, encourage my efforts, and share my dreams. When I grew older, I found that person in you.

The very first time that you held me, I felt myself begin to melt. The very first time that you kissed me, fireworks went off in my heart and mind. I knew right then we were meant to be, together forever until the end of time.

The very first time you said that you love me; I felt the tears flooding my eyes. For never before have I felt so happy, I love you far more than you realize.

As a child I dreamt of a man that would make me smile and laugh, someone I could trust, someone who would never hurt me. I dreamt of someone who would hold me close when we danced, someone I could be myself with and since the day you stepped into my life it looks like you are the man of my dream.

I know I've told you that "I love you" and have tried to tell you how much you mean to me, but I wonder if you really know how strong my emotions are and how deeply touched I am by your feelings. You are such a tender and special person, and you make me feel "special" just by the way you talk and listen to me; I want to give so much in return.

I have somehow fallen hopelessly and undeniably in love with you. I honestly thought that I would never say those words, but now, they come easily and with great sincerity. I'll be forever grateful to you for showing me what love is. At last, I have a chance to love and be loved.

I don't want to become so independent that I will think I can make it entirely on my own. I don't want to be so free that I will not want to share my life with someone, or be in such total control that I won't be able to say that I want you and need you and I will always love you.

When I close my eyes at night, I wish you will hold me tight. I wish you look deep in my eyes, and tell me that I mean the world to you. And loving me is all you want to do. Cause' all I want is to be loved by you. I wish you whisper in my ear and tell me you want me near.

Loving you is all I have in my mind, and I will love you time after sweet time.

I will never understand what went wrong with us. But surely something we forgot to tell each other and I don’t want you to do the same mistake. Tell him/her what you want to tell with heart.

At the end, it needs the big words like luck/destiny to make two people closer, but before that you are the one who decides what to do. You have two options with you, give a try and then accept results or wait for destiny to play the final game.