Love Stories before Internet

Posted by Sahil, 19 Feb 2014

No doubt, it’s definitely computer time!!!!

I had a discussion online; 'how you met your soul mate first time?'

I was very much shocked, reading the responses. I liked every love story as everyone replied with honesty. But what I expected was something different. 9 out of 10 said they met their soul mate on Facebook or Orkut.

I think social networking makes it very easy to love someone. I would love to share some of the best responses, but before that let me choose which were the best amongst them.

Now it is very easy to approach people to say that you love them, but have you ever imagined the time when these things were not available. Do you think people never proposed to anyone those days…??

No it’s not true!!!! They had proposed, but the journey before proposal was different than yours or mine.

In old stories (stories without internet), generally the first time meeting would be like he saw her in one of his friend’s sister’s wedding or a new family came to your colony because her dad got a job transfer or you take admission to a new school/college and saw a girl. These things are still happening though; but with less percentage.

This is about how to see someone first time; then you tell yourself, “Yes SHE is the one!” “Yes HE is the one I am waiting for!!!

Sending a friend request on Facebook is so easy; right?? But for them, it was not there. Then you have to study and search for all the other possibilities to have an introduction with her. All her friends gradually become your friends; I guess this was the first step. If have rub of the green then you can talk to her first time. Now the old phrase invented here, I believe!!! First impression is the best impression!!!

If your successful in impressing her/him, then the next step arrived; Regular interaction. It was not an easy task to talk to the person every day; they used new ways every day to interact. It was very much necessary to notify yourself. For this, following her was the best option those days; it may be college to home or anywhere else. (This is written with complete respect!!!)

The main question was always there in front of them; where to meet? If we go back 20-30 years, it was not easy to meet someone you love in an open coffee shop. I remember a very sweet song for this situation from Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar; Acha to hum chalate hai, filmed on Rajesh Khanna and Aasha Parekh. It says we’ll meet tomorrow, but at a place where no one can see us.

Proposing was equally difficult for them as it is for us today. So I cannot comment about it.

So I guess you understand, the era of love without internet or may be without Facebook, Orkut was so much difficult than we can imagine.

So after this, if you get a chance to meet a couple above 40-50 and had love marriage, don’t miss the opportunity to get some tips from them.

They had done so many things to achieve this, respect!!!

I will surely share those stories with you one day. If you want to let us know how you met your soul mate, feel free and write to us!!!