Love and Marriage

Posted by Sahil, 6 Sept 2014

Just two weeks back, I was in my hometown; surrounded with my relatives and everyone had a common topic to chat. Sahil’s marriage!!!

Marriage is a pure and divine thing in someone’s life. But do we really honour this beautiful relationship??

Recently I came across two incidents; I can say both were replica of each other, with change in city names. These two incidents forced me to think what people are thinking about the marriages.

But today I am thinking about those four people. All of them are graduates on paper for you and me, but what is the reality??

I always talk about love with you; it doesn’t make me love-guru or someone having mastery in love relationships. I don’t know about this article, but I had started writing this when I was angry at its pinnacle.

Two of my friends were in immense love with each other. The boy came to me for advice; as the girl’s family had already started searching for a nice groom for her. I said, “Problem solved.... You are a nice boy!!”

“For them, nice boy is the one who is from their own caste”, he added with a low voice.

I did not believe at first; because I know her family very well. All were quite educated and I was thinking that there won’t be any problem arising due to different caste.

But later I decided to make some move. I met one of the brothers of the girl and told him about all the matter.

He was quite confused at start but later agreed to me. I asked him to pursue at least 2-3 more people from family; but he failed at this.

Then second step from me was to convince boy’s side as well. It was quite easy and I got success here; as they were also aware about it.

Pressure from girl’s parents was increasing on girl for marriage and so I decided to ask them directly. I went to her home with boy’s mom & dad. It was quite unexpected for them but meeting went well and they agreed to reply in sometime.

Reply came after two days and it was, “Sorry! We cannot give our permissions for an inter-caste marriage. We have two more children to get married after the girl. Sorry but we cannot take the risk and go against our community. Please don’t contact again. Hope you understand!!”

Does caste really matters when two people are in love? I don’t know.

What happen when these people who are in love with each will get married to someone else? Four people will be adjusting with their lives.

It is just a personal blog and feelings shared by me. I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling.