Blanket of Last Pages

Posted by Sahil, 1 Feb 2014

Yesterday I was searching a policy certificate for some office work. I have known and experienced that I am not very organized. But yesterday I went through same thing again.

I was so tensed searching the certificate that it came to my hand 3 to 4 times but still I was not aware that I had found it. Once I realized that the certificate was in my hand, I was a bit relaxed. Finding a document at the time it is required is like winning over my laziness and my unorganised behaviour.

At the end, my hands went to pick one old notebook. I knew it was my graduation’s Final year’s notebook.

That notebook was reminding me of some cool and stupid stuff without even opening the cover page of it. The notebook was a proof; at least for some time I lived my life without worrying of tomorrow.

The first page was saying; I was a good student. But the truth was hidden under the blanket of last pages. It was like a box of secrets. And I was reading; in the same order it was written.
100, 99, 98...

Ironically the last page of notebook had my first poem. The poem was for someone special.

Those pages were asking me to talk to them. With every page so many reminder alarms were running in mind.

Some pages were saying how they helped us in having a silent communication while professor was teaching in classroom. Some pages were acting like admirer of mine, full of my autographs.

Last page was also reminding how I took the contact number of that someone special. Today if I say how I got the number, you won’t believe on my story. But really at that time it was like a great success to have a girl’s contact number.

I also founded an artistic gift when I reached somewhere around page number 78. My friend had drawn a sketch of mine. My body was too big to fit in that single page. But the facial expressions were correctly captured.

The pages filled with black and blue ink were again spraying some rainbow effect in my life. It was like watching black & white Mughal-e-Aazam in full colours.

Go friends go. Open those last pages were you felt like living the old life again.

These last pages are actually your friends, family.

Nowadays these all pages are lost in a ‘like’ of facebook. Take some time to read these pages again. The book of your life is incomplete without these pages.

A person who is new to you will read your first page. But only you knew that you had a habit to write from last to first.

Happy Saturday! Happy Reading!!!