Posted by Abhishek Jaju, 8 Oct 2014


It was the 13th day of August 2014; I got a chance to learn something new in my life and I guess I have learned it so well it will be with me for my lifetime.

Plan was to start the journey for a small government school visit in a village near by Bangalore city by 9:15 AM but as expected we successfully started by 10. The morning climate for Bangalore is always awesome and that day Nature was at its best. No one can take a doubt about it. We reached the place around 11.

The school kids already had so many things to surprise us. We were just counting the surprises.

Welcome for us started with a TASHA band (group of drummers). It was showing the enthusiasm and joy the small kids were having for us.

Now it was turn for the traditional welcome!!! Pooja ki Thali!!!

They took us from the main entrance to the class room, with continuous shower of flowers.

It was just amazing!!!! We had a Heavenly Feeling....

After a looooooonnnng time we had a feeling of "School Chale Hum...."

They made us sit on the same benches we used to sit when we were in school. And they felicitated each one of us with a handmade bouquet made up of leaves and flowers.

After a small introduction about the school which has only 3 teachers and 57 students (1st - 7th STD) including a club which has around 7 children.

This club is responsible for bringing the students to school, to check why a particular student is not coming and helping them to get back to school.

The school, I would say a paradise for those kids has only 2 rooms which are divided into 4 classrooms.

The club also performed the cultural event for us; which had dancing, singing, poetry, rhymes, plays, etc.

It was our turn after the cultural program was over. Some of my colleagues, Mindtree minds, shared their experiences and motivated the children.

It was time for the main purpose of our visit, the gifts!!!!

Yes we had packed a bunch of gifts for everyone with us to distribute them amongst the children.

The main purpose behind the gifts was to teach both of us; those children and me, the real meaning of SHARING!!!

After receiving the gifts there were various expressions on each face, and everyone was excited to see each-other's gifts, Of course finally they are children right!! At the end everyone was happy about their own gifts.

We all were watching the big fruit of happiness in their smile for a very small effort by us.

I can’t measure their happiness but I can say, I was feeling happier than those children. This is what defines "JOY OF GIVING" for me.

Try it out, I guarantee you too will love it!!!!

Watch this video to know more!!!

Giving is more than a physical act. It is a spiritual exercise.