How to Beat the Heat at Work

Posted by Sahil, 18 Sept 2014

Most of us suffer from some sort of work related stress like Monday blues, annoying boss, boredom at work and workplace etc. that eventually eats off our mind peace thereby affecting our overall health. Check out some tips listed below that can help you balance and handle the work related pressures:

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Pass on non-essential tasks before you feel stressed. After, it’s tougher to relinquish control.

Have Positive Thinking

Stop negative thoughts as it can increase the stress and the chance of getting sick that in turn affect the work and healthy life. Remain optimistic and view your tough times as a challenge and an opportunity. This will help build your confidence and spirit.

Go Green

Keeping a non-flowering plant in your room is proven to reduce blood pressure levels.

Develop a nest and network at Office

Office is the place where you spend maximum time more than being at home for any other work. So make yourself comfortable while working. Mingle with your colleagues of similar mindset and share your thoughts and ideas. This will help to reduce stress and pressure at work place.

Higher Consciousness

Use noise-cancelling headphones to block out the most common cause of work stress.

Take sufficient breaks

However busy you may be, take short breaks like having a cup of tea or coffee, calling your friends, grabbing a quick bite or get off your seat to drink water in sips. It can help to distress and give vent to the negative energies.

Prioritize your Work

If you feel you are pressurized with loads of work, speak to your boss to negotiate the work deadlines, if needed. Try to make your working hours flexible or try to get out from office early 2-3 times a week so that you get time to spend with family and friends that can be a stress buster.

Keep on learning New Things

If you feel you are not being stimulated enough mentally, consider doing some training or a course that is work-related. Voice out your feelings and bring in innovative thoughts to help grow the company.

Purge Your Inbox

Trash unwanted emails at around 3pm to regain focus and declutter your mind.

Keep your Personal Problems away from your desk

Drawing line between personal and professional life will give you the right mindset and increase the efficacy at work.

And Most Importantly

Whatever difficulties you may have, always keep a smile on your face to overcome all kinds of hurdles. This will bring in patience and you will find your beauty of life.