How can a kiss change your life?

Posted by Sahil, 12 Feb 2014

Today I was going through blogs on a social networking site and I was attracted towards this question; asked by someone in a forum. I found some interesting answers to this question.

I am sharing some of them with you.

Some Humorous Answers

Yes, if you are caught by your wife, kissing someone else.

A kiss in church may take all your freedom away.

Yes, if you are a frog.

Yes, if a Vampire does so to you.

Yes, absolutely, unless one haven't had a mouthwash that day.

If you are kissing your girlfriend/boyfriend and caught by your parents or his/her!

Yes if you come to know that you are kissing the person of same sex and you both liked it and want to do it more often.

May be, if you are not stopping yourself just after kissing, you will become dad/mom.

Some Serious Answers

Yes, if you get the kissing disease.

I would advise knowing someone well before playing kissy-face tonsil-hockey.

Every action changes your life. Therefore, every kiss changes your life.

Kiss of death. (Too much serious)

Answers shared with Heart

Yes, of course.

Yes. Oh, yes. Even the tiniest stolen little kisses can have a major impact on one's life.

Absolutely, if the man I am kissing believes it is changing his life too.

Yes, a kiss that is felt by your heart.

Yes, the weddings kiss.

Yes, the minute I kissed him...I knew it. There was no question about it.

.......3 months later we finally get private space.
For several minutes, he just held me, looking into my eyes. He was playing with my hair and cheeks. And then finally, with a rare deep emotion, he said, "Please don't go to away any more. I've loved you since about seven years, and I've been a fool to realize it so late. I've seen you with so many other guys, and it hurts me. It breaks me to even imagine you with anybody else. Just don't go. Stay."

That moment, I saw that wonderful, innocently jealous, natural love in his eyes and I wanted to seal it with a kiss.
We kissed, deeply and passionately, like never before, and in that moment, everything was complete. That one kiss rubbed off all the hurtful past, made all of it bearable, even erased a few bits.

That one kiss completely turned my life, in ways I'd never imagined.
It changed his life too; he realized I had loved him all the way, in-spite of the hundred wrong choices I made.

So yes, a kiss can change your life.

Kissing is a way of showing gratitude to someone whom we love. If we kiss someone and they reciprocate the same emotion back it can give us a lot of moral support which gives us the strength to face adversities.

This all discussion is reminding me of Just My Luck.

This question is always open for you all... If you wish to answer and add some points you are always welcome!!!