How a Bus Feels??

Posted by Sahil, 20 June 2014

I am 500C, 335E... Or any other normal bus in Bangalore. People who daily travel for ITPL will be knowing me personally.

I don't have my own feelings but there are living people travelling with me share their feelings periodically with me. I can divide them in many categories, some are funny as well.

One thing which bothers me most is people don't talk to each other. If you are travelling more than 3 hours daily in a bus, why don't you utilize it on socializing?

The people who enjoy this journey are definitely not single. People with unlimited call plans and having a girlfriend/boyfriend or a fiancé on other side of phone can easily survive this torturous journey.

There are many more group of people's who can easily travel are:

1. People who can sleep in bus

2. Gamers with the needed stamina

3. Readers

4. Music lovers with headphones

Rather I will say the above group are one from adaptive species.

Others are actually like the author of this blog. They like to see some new girls every day, but many times they end up with sitting next to an aunty only.

Har roj ek unknown ladki se pyaar ho jaata hai ise....!!!(He will be in love with a new girl every day!!!)

And he says something about this as,

माना की कुछ ख्वाब झुठे है, कुछ ख्वाहिशे अधुरी है...

पर जीने के लिए कुछ गलतफेमीया जजुरी है।।।

One thing is disappearing nowadays is like social responsibility which I used to see some years before. If a lady or an old man is standing, some young man used to say, you can take my seat, BUT it is changed now. No one want to stand for a two hours journey, may be it is not a matter for one day only. Every day you have to travel and definitely it will turn you into this evil nature, I guess we should call it practicality. But exceptions are always there. Though it is rare, it is there.

I know you people are tired after a long day at office, but play antakshari someday with me as well. Distribute sweets for your promotions, engagement to the people you always share seats in bus. Ask why someone is happy today, check why someone is feeling sad. May your words help someone and you will get one more friend.

Thanks for reading what I am feeling. The article is from the views of a single person, you can add your own views as well in form of comments…

Happy journey... Happy reading... Happy sharing…