Be the Catalyst - In the Cleanliness-Drive

Posted by Yogesh Dahake, 2 Nov 2014

Let me start with my famous quote of Sandeep Maheshwari “Aasaan Hai”, which means ‘everything is easy’.

I was very inspired from the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s cleanliness drive. If this vigour will continue then no doubt there is one day our country will be a clean country. This is happening because the person who loves cleanliness is into the power now. He made people motivate to take this step. He made people realized the benefit of cleanliness. These results in big MNCs, colleges and schools are coming on the road for Cleaning-drive.

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I am writing this article for a reason. I am observing every weekend one group of people is cleaning the footpath and next day the footpath will be the same as it was before cleaning.

It is well said by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in this world”.

And we are doing the changes as well and there is no dual opinion on this, but somewhere I am feeling we went to the grass root level before cleaning the intermediate level.

For example, everyone is cleaning here, no doubt, but are we making the Municipal Corporation to put the dust bins catchy in place after the specific distance. If there is a dustbin in place and if someone is about to throw the garbage elsewhere then you can easily say to that gentleman, please throw in the dustbin. Right?

And If dustbins are not there, then are you gonna tell,” Give me I will throw it” Most people are not, but yeah some possibility still there. We have to give priority to the later part of making sure of the dustbins. I believe if we do this thing first half part is already done for us.

Second example is, One day I was waiting near a petrol pump and I saw one two wheeler was passing from the road and suddenly that vehicle felled down because it went to pothole filled with water. People standing nearby came to help these two people who felled down but I was thinking so many people are coming but are we taking any collective steps to put these things in notice of the concern authority and force them to fill those potholes?? Probably not collectively, hence working on grass root level will take so much time to hit the target.

If we make the changes in this intermediate level, the changes will automatically percolate to the grass level. I would also like to sight one thing here. We are always giving the example of the developed countries like USA, Singapore where cleanliness is really next to Godliness. We are giving the credit to the people there and they deserve as well but if we see there are the laws in place to keep the country clean and there is punishment for the one who breach them. Do we have such laws in place in India? So we have to work for the laws first. Our PM Modi can motivate the people for 5 years, but laws will inspire people forever. We have to make these laws visible to the people as well.

I am seeing in Bangalore so many IT companies, college’s etc coming forefront to clean the city and there is a big campaign coming in the next week as well. It’s like taking the cure, but not focusing on the prevention part of it.

1. Make awareness among the people specially shopkeepers to at least keep one dustbin in corner of the shops

2. We can paste the slogans regarding cleanliness wherever possible. We can also put the hoardings and paintings for the laws regarding cleanliness we have, because “Out of sight is out of mind”.

3. We as citizen, we have to proactively monitor the Municipal Corporation’s processes for cleanliness. They have the processes in place but they are lagging in implementation.

4. We have to punish those people who are throwing the garbage on the road so that the strong message will go to the people.

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